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Guild Wars has come back to live during the past week, with ArenaNet gearing up for a truly memorable fifth anniversary which will kick off their Guild Wars Beyond campaign.

In essence this means that ArenaNet is going to be advancing the Guild Wars lore to the point where it needs to be for Guild Wars 2, which takes place 250 years later. This will start with the War in Kryta, the first stirrings of which can already be felt both in-game and on the internet.

The Shining Blade and White Mantle are clashing more than ever before, and have begun spreading propaganda via their Dismantle and Obey campaigns respectively. Both sides feature facebook pages to recruit new followers and a War in Kryta page on the Guild Wars website is keeping track of clashes between these forces. But there have been numerous in-game changes as well, such as entirely new dialogue for NPCs, new random encounters and new camps on world maps.

ArenaNet looks to be feeding Guild Wars players a flood of new game content and lore, which has already resulted in many returning players. I for one am also going to take part, so you’ll be seeing more Guild Wars coverage over the course of the next few months.

I’ll try to cover some of the more notable changes made to the game during ArenaNet’s Guild Wars Beyond campaign, but I’ll also be playing the regular game so you’ll see some coverage of that as well. You may be wondering which side I’m on, but that should be self-explanatory. The White Mantle sucks, DISMANTLE!

NCSoft has also made Shining Blade and White Mantle costumes available in the NCSoft store

Returning and current players would do well to check out this forum topic for a full overview of everything that has transpired between the two sides thus far.

If you’ve never played Guild Wars before, then this is the perfect time to get to it! It’s a great game that offers incredible value for your money, especially now that you can get all four campaigns for less than 20 euro. Better yet, it will get you situated for Guild Wars 2, which you will want to play when it’s released sometime in the next 1 or 2 years. And it still looks great, partially due to the excellent art direction, but also due to the graphics updates that accompanied the Nightfall and Eye of the North campaigns.

Should you need anyone to play with: just contact me on Xfire, Raptr or Steam (droniac on each). I’m a guildleader so I can set you up on that front as well.

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