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The WarCraft 3 games stem from a time in which every gamer still used CRT monitors with 4:3 aspect ratios, which has resulted in an utterly widescreen/high-resolution unfriendly game. There are no options for modern resolutions such as 1680×1050 or 1920×1080 and the game doesn’t support non-4:3 aspect ratios.

So when I got to playing through WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos, and now The Frozen Throne, I was appaled by the graphics. Playing a game in 1024×768 resolution on a native 1920×1080 resolution screen makes it look terrible, as I’m sure many of you know. So, I set out to counteract this with some hacking to get it to run in higher resolutions.

I did stumble across a solution, which makes the game run beautifully in higher resolutions, but does nothing to make it compatible with widescreen monitors. It looks much better than the default resolutions, but the price you pay for the higher detail comes in the form of mildly stretched visuals.

But, it’s definitely worth it and if you’re intent on playing WarCraft 3 with a modern monitor, then you’d do well to give it a go. I’ve also included a crash-fix for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  1. In Windows XP: press start, run, then type in ‘regedit’ and press enter.
    In Windows Vista or Windows 7: press start, type ‘regedit’ in the search box and press enter.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Blizzard Entertainment/Warcraft III/Video
  3. Alter reswidth and resheight to your preferred values (e.g.: 1920 and 1080). Remember to change the setting from hexadecimal to decimal when editing these registry values!
  4. Also edit cinematicwidth and cinematicheight with the same values.
  5. This changes the settings for both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne if they’re both installed at the time.

Crash fix for newer operating systems

This is very simple really: all you need to do is set it to Windows XP Service Pack 2 Compatibility Mode. Without compatibility mode, WarCraft 3 will crash randomly during play.

  1. Right click on the WarCraft III or The Frozen Throne shortcut on your desktop.
  2. Switch to the Compatibility tab.
  3. Check Compatibility Mode and select Windows XP Service Pack 2 in the dropdown menu.
  4. Press Apply and OK.
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    1. haggisdog says:

      Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been stuggling with pushing this to a 1920×1080 and everytime I apply this setting my video card driver crashes (GTX 470 nvidia 300.xx). I tried these setting and it didnt help unfortunately, this probably has more to do with your video card than anything else.

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