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The PC version of the previous overpriced map pack is only a week old and Infinity Ward is already announcing its successor. We’re going from Stimulus straight into the Resurgence Pack, which will hit the Xbox 360 version on June 3rd. If the Stimulus Package was any indication, then this means it will grace the PC and PS3 platforms in early July. Hopefully accompanied by yet another double experience weekend.

In terms of content and pricing the coming Resurgence Pack looks to be identical in to the Stimulus Package. It will contain 3 new maps and 2 rehashes from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, albeit overhauled with slightly better graphics and mildly altered pathing. And these 5 maps will yet again cost a whopping 14 euro, which is of course ridiculously overpriced. The problem is that the Stimulus Package sold several million units, so there’s really no reason for Activision to lower the price point, at all.

There’s no telling whether the remains of Infinity Ward will continue with more map pack releases after this, pushing the price for the map packs over the price of regular launch titles. Still, one thing can be said with certainty: the Resurgence Pack will sell. It may be ridiculously overpriced, but there are millions of players of the PC version alone. Add in the fact that the Stimulus Package added the best maps we’ve seen in Modern Warfare 2 yet, and many will find it worth the price of admission.

The Resurgence Pack will reintroduce Vacant and Strike (both urban environments) from the original Modern Warfare. These maps will, like Overgrown and Crash in the Stimulus Pack, not be entirely like their predecessors. Infinity Ward will improve the graphics up to MW2 standard, while removing exploits and possible altering the pathing.

The three new maps are comprised of Carnival, which is an abandoned amusement park including a rollercoaster and fun house; Fuel, which is depicted as a sniper haven although I’ve seen no mention of what kind of environment we can expect; and Trailer Park, which is situated in a trailer park (oh really!?) and supposedly consists of a lot of tight corridors, making it ideal for shotgun play.

bailout modern warfare 2 stimulus

Bailout was one of the great new additions of the Stimulus Pack

I have no idea whether any of the Resurgence maps are any good, but given how good the Stimulus maps were I’d expect these to be no less impressive. That being said, it’s still 14 euro for just 5 maps, and you can get a lot of great games for that much money.

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