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In my previous comparison of streaming platforms I indicated that Livestream was the easier and less demanding option. This is entirely true, but some of you may have a few issues with the default ProCaster settings, as I have had. Livestream ProCaster can have a tendency to disconnect in the middle of a broadcast and may even offer a choppy viewing experience on the stream, despite great gaming performance on your end.

I spent some time trying to resolve these issues, because I’ve chosen Livestream as my streaming platform. After a few days of experimentation it turns out that a few altered settings in the preferences menu are sufficient to resolve all Livestream issues. Just a few simple tweaks result in no more mid-stream disconnects, a smooth viewing experience and even better in-game performance! The only catch is that the stream quality suffers mildly.

The problem is that the Livestream servers can’t cope with the demand. Thousands of broadcasters streaming at 500kbps bitrate is overwhelming the servers, resulting in procaster throttling down broadcasts and frequently losing connection to the servers. However, lowering the strain you place on the servers (slightly lower bitrate and quality) ensures that your connection remains solid and you’ll have solid hour-long streams rather than those annoying 2 minutes start-and-stops.

This is how you resolve the stream stability problems that most game casters seem to be suffering from nowadays:

  1. Start the Livestream ProCaster tool and open Preferences.
  2. In the video tab set Encoder to On2 VP6, Target frame rate to 20, check VBR at Target bitrate and slide the Quality slider down to 50%.
  3. In the audio tab set Target bitrate to 22 kbps and Sampling rate to 22050.
  4. In the game tab set Control game FPS to 20.
  5. Now you’re good to go.
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