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The StarCraft 2 beta’s premiere tournament came to a close last sunday as IdrA faced off against WhiteRa in the finals and TheLittleOne took on fellow Team Liquid player NonY in the third place decider match of the HDH Invitational. Now the matches are online on YouTube in high definition quality and offer quite possibly the most entertaining matches of the entire tournament and are a definite must-see for any StarCraft 2 fan.

The high stakes seem to have been inspirational for these players, because both matches were very back and forth and there was never a truly dominant player. The finals even took 6 games to conclude and the third place decider actually went to a final 7th match in a best of 7. More importantly the level of play was extraordinarily high, with some unusual strategies being employed and incredible micro.

If you’re ever going to watch a StarCraft 2 match, then you’d do well to make it the third place decider match. These 7 games show remarkable level of play between a Random and a Protoss player, with uncommon strategies and NonY’s trademark phoenix micro. They’re actually signficantly more intense than the finals, which while exciting are slightly more straightforward and shorter games. Read on for links straight to these matches!

HDStarcraft and Huskystarcraft are organizing the HDH Invitational and have uploaded the 1080p HD videos, with commentary, to their respective YouTube channels. Huskystarcraft’s channel contains the finals, whereas HDstarcraft’s channel contains the third place decider match. The rest of the tournament is also available on these channels and are also split over the two channels.

So, you can either click their names for the YouTube channels containing these videos, or head straight on to the individual games below.

Finals – IdrA (Zerg) vs WhiteRa (Protoss)

Third Place Decider – TheLittleOne (Random) vs NonY (Protoss)

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