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Despite not being present at E3 this year, ArenaNet still manages to garner some attention by unveiling more new Guild Wars 2 information on their company blog. After last week’s special on traits and warriors, lead designer Eric Flannum and designer Ben Miller team up to answer some community questions regarding just these topics. And as always I’m here to provide a succinct overview of the newly revealed information.

Take a look at the new blog post for the full story and what appear to be two new screenshots, or head on to the summary below. If you’re still a tad in the dark on all that Guild Wars 2 will entail then you’d do well to visit my previous coverage of the design manifesto, combat system and elementalist profession, dynamic events system #1 & #2 and the personal story system.

Meanwhile be sure to check beck regularly as I continue my coverage of the latest Guild Wars 2 information and more is revealed on the official website and the ArenaNet blog.


  • The skill videos shown thus far are mildly exaggerated in that they display high level characters dispatching lower level monsters. As a result, most monsters in Guild Wars 2 will be able to take more punishment.
  • It will not be possible to physically block other characters. Characters will phase through each other, contrary to Guild Wars.
  • Movement impairing effects are still in, so knockbacks and knockdowns are still effective ways of limiting enemy movement.
  • Direction matters during combat, with certain skills greater effects from the sides or the rear than in frontal assaults.
  • The Deep Wound condition no longer exists in Guild Wars 2.
  • Bleeding conditions stack in Guild Wars 2.
  • Skill chains can be interrupted and reset by means of knockdowns, stuns, etc.
  • Attributes in Guild Wars 2 are similar to other (MMO)RPGs, so they’re no longer as strictly bound to a profession as they were in Guild Wars.
  • There may be a build saving and loading system like in Guild Wars, but at this point ArenaNet is undecided on the matter.
  • An extensive help system and gradual introduction to game elements should help ease new players into the confusion of attributes, traits and skills.
  • There will be no blood in Guild Wars 2, but rather a red colored hit effect as seen in the skill videos.
  • ArenaNet is aiming for a Teen (12+ in Europe) rating.
  • The target calling system of Guild Wars will almost certainly be retained.

Skill effects may be more dramatic, but there will not be any blood


  • It’s possible to earn more traits than you can slot at any one time, so you’ll have to pick and choose.
  • Traits are acquired through profession-specific challenges.
  • There are no traits that require you to earn other traits first.
  • It’s possible to bring friends along on your journey to acquire new traits, so it’s not an exclusively solo experience.
  • It will not be possible to enhance traits – they’ll stay the same after you acquire them.
  • Traits can only be slotted outside of combat, much like skills.
  • Each trait line has a number of major and minor slots associated with it. These form the limit as to the amount of traits you can slot from that specific trait line.
  • The difference between major and minor traits is the extent to which they impact the play experience. Major traits would have greater effects.
  • Major traits can be both offensive and defensive.
  • The amount of trait slots varies per profession.
  • Not all slotted traits will be active at the same time, axe traits will not be active when wielding a sword for example.

Warriors still fill very much the same role they did in Guild Wars


  • Warriors will not be able to taunt enemies away from their allies.
  • A tank-fit warrior will be similar to a tank-fit warrior in the original game: a lot of health, heavy armor and some defensive skills to protect his/her allies. There don’t appear to be tanks in the traditional MMORPG flavor.
  • Gash has a different function from its Guild Wars counterpart. It now deals heavy damage and inflicts a bleeding condition upon the target.
  • Sever Artery still applies a bleeding condition and this condition stacks with the bleeding condition caused by Gash.
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