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The Alliance Tournament is an annual event in EVE Online where 64 teams face off against each other in a strict tournament format dictated by CCP. It’s also accompanied by high definition video footage with commentary for every match in the tournament, which can make for great viewing even if you’re not an active EVE Online player.

So I’ve decided to compile a collection of the best matches each weekend, which saw a first qualifier round three weeks ago followed by a second qualifier round one week later. The survivors went on to the final matches that were played last weekend. It has taken a while for CCP to get these matches up on their YouTube channel, but I’ve once again selected the most interesting matches of the bunch, and embedded the semi finals and finals for good measure.

Take a look at some flashy EVE Online tournament action below, with the final matches of the 8th alliance tournament!

Round of 32

The G0dfathers vs Curatores Veritatis Alliance

The G0dfathers show up with a massive bomber setup that deals out massive damage in the beginning, but CVA pulls back and rips through the G0dfathers team.

Leguinea Romana vs HYDRA RELOADED

Massive stealth bomber damage in a very quick match.

Pandemic Legion vs T o r m e n t u m

T o r m e n t u m shows up with a stealth bomber centric setup that seems to be favored in this tournament and Pandemic Legion wipes the floor with them with yet another original team setup.

Dystopia Alliance vs Get Off My Lawn

Dystopia comes in with yet another stealth bomber setup, but delays their second volley for maximum effect.

SOLAR FLEET vs Panda Team

Strange fleet setups and an unrepaired Bhaalgorn make for a weird, but close and intense, match.

Cry Havoc vs Agony Empire

A match with a slow start, but worth watching for Agony annihilating ship after ship without taking any damage.

Round of 16

Rote Kapelle vs HYDRA RELOADED

A very back and forth match with a lot of pretty explosions.

Panda Team vs Dystopia Alliance

Starts out as a fast and furious blaster match, but turns into the most evenly matched game in the tournament thus far with a 1 vs 1 stand-off until the timer ends.

Quarter Finals

Pandemic Legion vs Atlas Alliance

An intense match with an initially one-sided affair turning into something much more exciting.

Semi Finals


A swift and one-sided match with lots of explosions.

DarkSide vs Pandemic Legion

A match with two relatively similar setups that turns out to be even more one-sided than the other semi-final and similarly short.


HYDRA RELOADED vs Pandemic Legion

One of the shortest and most one-sided matches in the entire tournament. Incredibly swift and decisive final match.

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    1. Jasdemi says:

      Very nice, mate.

      Are you playing EVE, what’s your ingame name? :p

      • Droniac says:

        Actually I unsubscribed a few months ago, because I wasn’t playing much. Still like these alliance tournaments though and might resub sometime if I think I can get interested enough in it again.

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