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An observant gamer can save a lot of money by frequently visiting digital download sites to check for new special offers. You can sometimes save as much as 80% on games with these deals, or even gain a free game for pre-ordering an upcoming title, which can quickly lead to a very healthy gaming collection at surprisingly little cost.

But it can be tiresome to constantly browse through enormous lists of sales for the best deals, so that’s what I’ll be doing for you in this weekly feature! I’ll cover the most interesting titles on sale and provide short descriptions and recommendations for each game. Should the currency used on the service not be in euro (GamersGate, Good Old Games), then I’ll also convert the pricing at the current exchange rate.

This week we have a very interesting free weekend over at Steam for Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, which is also reduced in price by 50%. The massive summer sale on Steam may have ended, but there still seem to be plenty of interesting deals this week. So be sure to check those out below and subscribe to GameDrone for weekly coverage of the best digital download discounts!

Deals of the Week

  • King’s Bounty: The Legend on GamersGate - Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,97 EUR
    An excellent fantasy turn-based strategy game with RPG influences that’s similar, but superior, to Heroes of Might & Magic. This is about as good as the genre gets and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it at this price.
  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter on SteamFREE Weekend and Save 50%9,99 EUR
    An arcade shooter with hordes of enemies and loads of big guns. It offers colorful, fast-paced and straightforward action with some nice co-op and multiplayer game modes. Definitely worth a go if you’re into a sweet brainless shooting frenzy every now and then. Besides, it’s free this weekend so you should give it a go anyway! Includes Steam Cloud and Achievements support!
  • Space Rangers on GamersGate - Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,37 EUR
    This is a difficult game to describe. It’s part RPG, part RTS, part Sim. You’re a space pilot and you can do whatever you want: trade, fight, follow the storyline, accept missions, become a pirate, etc. However it also features strategic ground battles and all sorts of quirky encounters. It’s a very unusual game in the way that the King’s Bounty games are over-the-top weird… and like those games, Space Rangers is one game you can’t afford to miss out on.
  • Space Rangers 2 on GamersGate - Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,97 EUR
    If Space Rangers is a game that you can’t afford to miss, then not playing Space Rangers 2 is pure heresy. It improves upon the original in every regard.
  • Star Wolves on GamersGate - Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,37 EUR
    You control a mothership and a set of pilots in their own fighter craft through an extensive singleplayer campaign. The voice-acting is very sub-par and the graphics are merely decent, but the gameplay is very addictive and fun. The universe just sucks you in after a few hours of play.


  • Football Manager 2010 – Save 50% Weekend Deal – 9,99 EUR
    Become the manager of a football team and lead it to top of the local and international leagues. It’s a fairly addictive game despite the lack of actual control over the football matches themselves, but you do get to decide on the tactics, training and line-ups beforehand.
  • Puzzle Agent – Save 10% Launch Deal – 7,19 EUR
    A new puzzle-adventure game by Telltale games with a distinctive comic book style. It’s not an actual point-and-click adventure like you’re used to from Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island, but a more puzzle mini-game oriented experience similar to Professor Layton for the Nintendo DS.
  • Turba – Save 10% Launch Deal – 8,09 EUR
    A match-3 style puzzle game that builds itself around your music tracks. An interesting twist on the genre, but I can’t help but feel that Audiosurf and Beat Hazard seem to be more appealing music-based games.


  • Alien Shooter – Save 40% Weekend Deal – 2,36 EUR
    Take a look at the Alien Shooter Gold Pack on GamersGate instead.
  • GEOM – Save 50% Weekend Deal – 7,86 EUR
    A colorful new puzzle game with interesting rotating matching game gameplay.
  • Grappling Hook – Save 40% Weekend Deal – 7,07 EUR
    If you’ve ever seen Quake trickjumping videos, or played Portal, then you know what this game is all about. It’s a first person game in which you have to use your grappling hook to navigate through interesting neon-colored levels.
  • Real Warfare 1242 – Save 30% Weekend Deal – 19,59 EUR
    A large scale real-time strategy game set in medieval Russia. It offers realistic strategic battles based on authentic historic events with solid graphics and large armies.
  • THQ Ultimate Bundle – Save 80%65,49 EUR
    Should you not have this bundle yet after the many months it’s been on sale on various sites, then this is definitely a pack you’ll want to pick up. It includes most older THQ games such as Company of Heroes + expansions, Red Faction series, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Supreme Commander + expansion, Titan Quest + expansion, Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War + expansions and more.
  • World War 2: Time of Wrath – Save 40% Weekend Deal – 16,19 EUR
    A decent turn-based grand strategy game set in World War 2.

GamersGate (UK)

  • 1C Racing Mega Pack – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 14,93 EUR
    A bundle of five decent racing games by publisher 1C. This pack contains 4×4 Hummer, A.I.M. Racing, Classic Car Racing, Death Track: Resurrection and Streets of Moscow. They’re marginally less expensive (10 cents) if you buy them seperately, because each game is also available in a separate 75% off deal.
  • 7.62 High Calibre – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 4,46 EUR
    A tactical action game similar to Jagged Alliance, but real-time with a smart pausing feature. Not quite as good as the famed Jagged Alliance series, mostly due to a cumbersome interface, but otherwise a solid addition to the genre and a vastly superior sequel to Brigade E5: New Jagged Union, which is also on sale.
  • A Farewell to Dragons – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 8,95 EUR
    A solid new action RPG with decent graphics and a mix of fantasy and steampunk influences. Based on the book written by Russian authors Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov, but with the shoddy English translation the story is hard to follow at best. Like most action RPGs it tends to get a little repetitive after a while.
  • A.I.M. – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,67 EUR
    It’s an open-world action game similar to the likes of Elite, Privateer and the X series, but based solely on a planetary surface and with the player taking on the role of an AI-driven android.
  • A.I.M. 2 – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 5,96 EUR
    A slightly more complex sequel of A.I.M. that also introduces some extra freedom and features to the series, such as a new trading system. Despite the lacking English support it could be well worth a look if you’ve grown bored of X3: Terran Conflict by now.
  • Alien Shooter Gold Pack – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,97 EUR
    This bundle consists of three similar top-down action games, namely Alien Shooter, Alien Shooter: Vengeance and Zombie Shooter. Not the most attractive games, but a fair amount of fun if you can take that fact in stride.
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Save 10% Pre-order Deal – 13,93 EUR
    An upcoming first person survival horror game.
  • Anno 1404: Venice – Save 50% Weekend Deal – 8,95 EUR
    The excellent expansion pack to the outstanding latest entry in the massive Anno franchise. It’s a grand city-building experience with some combat elements mixed in. The Venice expansion pack actually adds multiplayer to the franchise, turning it into the best entry in the series thus far. Anno 1404: Venice requires the original Anno 1404 to run.
  • Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,97 EUR
    A first person survival horror game set on an old nuclear icebreaker on the North Pole.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 5,36 EUR
    A real-time strategy game mixed with a global turn-based mode. It apparently runs on the Blitzkrieg engine and is very similar in terms of gameplay, but set a fair few years after World War 2.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade – Save 75% Weekend Deal - 0,57 EUR
    A stand-alone expansion pack to Cuban Missile Crisis, which is mostly more of the same Blitzkrieg-inspired real-time strategy gameplay within a turn-based fictional global conflict.
  • Death to Spies: Gold Edition – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 10,44 EUR
    Two solid third person stealth action games set in World War 2 based on the “Death to Spies” or SMERSH counterintelligence department of the Soviet Army. Like the 1C Racing Mega Pack, this bundle is curiously less expensive when you buy the game separately.
  • Disciples III: Renaissance – Save 10% Pre-order Deal – 37,62 EUR
    In only a few days time (July 13th) this new installment in the praised gothic fantasy turn-based strategy series Disciples will arrive. Think Heroes of Might & Magic or King’s Bounty, which are games with similar gameplay mechanics, but very different atmospheres.
  • Faces of War - Save 75% Weekend Deal - 1,17 EUR
    Small scale real-time strategy gameplay with heavy unit micromanagement similar to Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2. Also similarly difficult, but with an even more impressive graphics engine. It’s the game released inbetween Soldiers and Men of War, with Men of War being a slightly better take on the hardcore tactical strategy genre.
  • Fantasy Wars – Save 75% Weekend Deal - 2,37 EUR
    Turn-based strategy gameplay in a fantasy setting. This is the prequel to Elven Legacy so the gameplay is nearly identical with constant grid-based turn-based warfare. It’s actually a lot of fun to play so you should really give it a go.
  • Football Manager 2010 – Save 33% Weekend Deal – 11,90 EUR
    There’s a much better deal for this excellent football management game over on Steam.
  • Freight Tycoon – Save 75% Weekend Deal - 3,86 EUR
    A decent tycoon game in which you build a trucking empire.
  • King’s Bounty: Armored Princess – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 7,45 EUR
    This stand-alone expansion pack offers an even better take on the excellent King’s Bounty gameplay, with the introduction of flight, a dragon pet, new hero abilities, etc. Be sure to get this if you’re into fantasy turn-based strategy games with heavy RPG influences similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. The deal for The Legend is better this weekend, but at this price there is no reason not to get Armored Princess right along with it.
  • Korea: Forgotten Conflict – Save 75% Weekend Deal - 2,37 EUR
    Think Commandos set in the Korean War and with a bunch of bugs and poor AI. Still… it’s a decent Commandos clone and that’s a rarity. In case you don’t know what Commandos is: shame on you and it’s a small-scale real-time strategy game based around a small squad that you have to micro-manage through challenging encounters.
  • Men of War: Gold Edition – Save 75% Weekend Deal - 8,35 EUR
    A highly realistic take on tactical real-time strategy gameplay in a World War 2 setting. Units have their own inventories and you can take direct control over units. Similar to the excellent Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2, but at slightly larger scale. It’s also similarly difficult (insane) and features similarly excellent co-op multiplayer. Definitely worth a look.
  • NecroVisioN – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 2,97 EUR
    Think Painkiller, but with a gothic take on World War I as its setting. It’s not really about the story, or thinking… it’s just a sweet tour of non-stop, no holds barred, action. Not quite as good as Painkiller or Serious Sam, but better than the more recent Painkiller games.
  • NecroVisioN: Lost Company – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 7,45 EUR
    This new title in the NecroVisioN franchise is actually a prequel that puts you in the shoes of a German soldier fighting off hordes of monsters during World War I. Also worth a look if you like arcade first person shooters.
  • Space Rangers 2: Reboot –  Save 75% Weekend Deal - 5,06 EUR
    An add-on to Space Rangers 2 which adds new game modes, missions, equipment, etc.
  • Star Wolves 2 – Save 75% Weekend Deal - 4,47 EUR
    Not quite as good as the original Star Wolves due to a plethora of bugs, starforce DRM and high difficulty level. Still does contain similar excellent and addictive space RPG/RTS gameplay and even more atrocious voice acting. The other games in the series are definitely better picks, but it might be worth a go if you really like Star Wolves, like I did, and want to know the plot between the first and third game.
  • Star Wolves 3: Civil War – Save 50% Weekend Deal – 14,95 EUR
    This game harkens back to the original Star Wolves with similarly awesome and addictive RPG/RTS gameplay, no DRM and poor voice-acting. It’s nowhere near as buggy as Star Wolves 2 and while the interface takes a bit of getting used to it’s definitely a fun game to play.
  • THQ Complete Collection – Save 55%95,90 EUR
    Save 30 euro and get it on Impulse instead
  • UFO Trilogy – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 5,37 EUR
    This bundle pack includes three games in the classic UFO franchise: Afterlight, Aftershock and Aftermath. These games combine a global strategic meta-game with strategic squad-based missions. In all games you head an organization which combats alien incursions on human territory in a near future setting.
  • XIII Century: Gold Edition – Save 75% Weekend Deal – 5,97 EUR
    Two excellent real-time strategy games with large scale battles (thousands of soldiers) in realistic medieval conflicts. It recreates the actual conditions of numerous historical battles, taking into account both the weather and terrain. It may have the grand scale in battles of a Total War game, but it lacks the grand strategy turn-based overmap gameplay as it’s more of a medieval battle simulator.

Direct2Drive (EU)

  • Plain Sight – Save 50% This Week – 4,95 EUR
    A fast-paced third-person multiplayer action game starring ninja robots. It involves slashing through other robots with your sword, while hopping about maps with numerous gravity wells that suck you in towards the nearest big object. Players acquire points by killing other robots and then suiciding themselves, with a multiplier tacked on if any nearby players die inside your suicidal blast. Experience points are also gained during play which can be used to unlock a number of skills such as activatable shields, higher jumping, better run speed, etc.
  • Save 25% on all THQ games
    An interesting deal were it not for the THQ bundle deal on Impulse. If you’re looking for any specific game then you might want to look into what Direct2Drive is offering, but if you want multiple THQ games then the Impulse bundle pack is likely to form a better deal.

Get Games

  • Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter – Save 33%7,99 EUR
    Serious Sam is the brainless kind of shooter that sends hundreds of monsters barreling your way and asks you to pump them full of lead. It mixes fast-paced, all guns blazing, action with extensive multiplayer, co-op and humor. This HD version is the new re-release of the old classic with much improved graphics and multiplayer.
  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter – Save 33%13,30 EUR
    A remake of the second, and best, game in the Serious Sam series. It not only improves the graphics, but also introduces multiplayer DeathMatch and Survival modes. There’s a much better deal for this game on Steam, including a free weekend!

Good Old Games

  • Rebellion Pack – Save 50% Weekend Deal – 32,35 EUR
    This is a bundle off 11 good old games at a very low price. It includes the excellent Ground Control series of tactical real-time strategy games, but also the Empire Earth series which offers a more expansive era-based real-time strategy setup. Evil Genius, Republic: The Revolution, Lords of Magic and the Lords of the Realm series are all also great games. Judge Dredd is kind of the odd one out in this package, but it’s still a decent first person shooter. Definitely worth a look and it’s worth noting that all of these games are also available in separate 30% off sales for the duration of the weekend sale.
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