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Planescape: Torment is regarded by many as the best cRPG ever created, but has been notoriously difficult to find during the past decade or so. Now Good Old Games helps out us gaming fans by signing this classic game for their digital download service. Just $9.99 gets you the most famous RPG in gaming history and many dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of excellent RPG gameplay, right here.

It differs greatly from modern RPGs in that Planescape: Torment is extremely story-driven and allows for many different ways to progress through the game. It’s possible to complete the game with only a handful of actual battles, or to go through it hacking apart everything in sight. It’s supported by an excellent cast of characters and superb dialogue, which Black Isle Studios was known for back in the day. That and a 5000 page script involving The Nameless One, the immortal protagonist who suffers from amnesia after death and explores the crazy Planescape multiverse of AD&D.

Any RPG fan should already be out on the site to get their hands on this game, along with the included soundtrack, manual, wallpapers, artwork, book and more. But before you get to playing it’s worth noting that there are mods that allow for proper widescreen support and even a few mods that reintroduce some incomplete portions of the game. A helpful widescreen mod can be found here, while a UI mod for widescreen resolutions can be downloaded here. The latter link also contains several bug fixing and restoration mods. Check back tomorrow for a proper install guide for these mods as they can be a bit finicky and I’m working to get them running properly myself.

Last week’s PR stunt may have garnered some ill will, but this release, along with last week’s Baldur’s Gate, aught to restore faith in the service for all but the most jaded of gamers. Planescape:Torment, the game that everyone’s been clamoring for since the beta started, has now finally been added to their catalogue!

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