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A new Good Old Games version of Planescape: Torment may have been released only yesterday in a completely up-to-date format, but even that version isn’t quite complete without some vital community mods and fixes. These mods do anything from introducing high resolution graphics to introducing scrapped content and gameplay tweaks to make the game more familiar for modern RPG players.

In this guide I’ll cover the most important community mods for Planescape: Torment along with the appropriate installation order to get them to function properly and without conflicts. It’s also completely tailored for the version and has been tested to work. This also means that owners of the CD or DVD versions should look to other guides for more specific installation processes as those versions require several additional steps.

Veteran PS:T players might also be served by this new version as it includes numerous interesting goodies such as the soundtrack, the book of the game in .PDF format and 104 artworks. It’s also a full installation that comes patched to version 1.1 and its .ini file is already tweaked for performance. Most notably it doesn’t require a CD or DVD be inserted in order to play.

  1. Install the game. Do not install in the C:\Program Files\ directory under Windows Vista or Windows 7, because this can cause problems with save games and mods.
  2. Download Bigg’s Widescreen Mod (more information here). The name is somewhat misleading, because it should also be used for non-widescreen setups. What it does is increase the resolution of the game to display more real-estate and get a better gaming experience on more recent monitors, because the default 640×480 resolution is painfully small. 
    During installation choose to Install Widescreen Component Mod for the original Infinity Engine. It will then ask you for the appropriate X and Y coordinates of your preferred resolution, such as 1920 by 1080. If you’re not sure which resolution to use then right click on your desktop, go to properties and in the pop-up window go to settings and use the resolution mentioned there.
  3. Now you’ll need to download Ghostdog’s UI Mod. This is required to get the user interface, videos and certain effects to be placed and spaced properly after installing the widescreen mod. The downloaded file needs to be moved to the Planescape: Torment installation directory and then extracted using the free utility 7-Zip. Do this by right-clicking on the file and then choosing 7-Zip and Extract Here.
    Once the files are extracted you need to run the Setup-Ghostdog’s-PST-UI.exe file. During installation it automatically detects the resolution chosen for the widescreen mod and installs the appropriate files.
    Towards the end it will ask you to choose a font size ranging from default to 120%. In my case I used a resolution of 1680×1050 and found 80% to be the best option, but you may wish to experiment by firing up the game and retrying different sizes by running the installer again. Also see the screenshot below for a rough indication of the size of these fonts, although it doesn’t include the 120% option.
  4. Click to see this in full size

  5. There is one more mod that absolutely needs to be installed before you actually sit down and play Planescape: Torment. That is the Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack which includes three parts: a ton of bug fixes, dialogue spelling/grammar corrections and subtitled cutscenes. They’re all essential for optimal enjoyment of this game.
    Start by moving the pstfixpack.rar file to your Planescape: Torment installation directory. Then extract all files to this directory in the same way you did with Ghostdog’s UI Mod. Lastly, run Setup-PST-Fix.exe and follow the instruction on screen.

Planescape: Torment is now practically ready to go, but there are two more interesting mods that you might want to look into. These do not fix any bugs, but do reintroduce some scrapped content and features that were cut during development due to time constraints and are well worth having, especially in your first playthrough.

  1. Download the Unfinished Business mod for reintroducing numerous quests that were scrapped due to time constraints. This content was 95% completed by Black Isle Studios with only the tiny remainder filled in by modders so it ties in perfectly with the rest of the game and is of a similar level of quality.
    To install this you’ll need to extract the .rar file in the Planescape: Torment directory, then run the Setup-PST-UB.exe file. Note: do not install Restored Cheat Items! Check this link for more information on each individual item included in the mod.
  2. Download Qwinn’s Planescape: Torment Tweaks for some very useful enhancements, especially for newcomers who are used to more recent RPGs. It includes a great variety of different tweaks, not all of which you’ll actually want to install. They’re all explained on this page, but key among them are the Banter Accelerator, THAC0 Display and Stackable Items.
    Installation is another case of extraction into the Planescape: Torment folder and then running the Setup-PST-Tweak.exe file. This time each individual item is installed separately and not all are recommended. These I’d recommend installing:

    • Banter Accelerator (30 mins) – more common party banter, otherwise you only get a tiny selection each playthrough.
    • Quick Load – adds hotkeys for saving and loading games.
    • BG2-Style THAC0 – better stat indications.
    • Stackable Rings, Charms, Bracelets, Scrolls – stacks these items for better inventory management.
    • Explorable City Areas – no fog of war in cities. Basically the same as in any modern RPG.
    • Save Nordom! – generally recommended because otherwise you’ll come across a point where a party member, usually Nordom, has to be permanently sacrificed for no real reason other than the party size limit.
    • Maximized HP Per Level for TNO and Party – the HP gained on leveling is no longer random, but always the highest possible value.
    • Maximized Friends Spell – reworks this spell to always provide the maximum charisma boost instead of a random value.

    Avoid the others.

This is what the game should look like now.

Now you have Planescape: Torment fully patched up and modded for the best possible play experience. It looks good, most bugs have been resolved, a lot of additional content is reintroduced and you’ve got a few tweaks set up for better gameplay. Now all you need to do is to start playing one of the best cRPGs of all time!

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    5 Responses to “Installing Planescape: Torment with fixes and mods”

    1. katru says:

      I found that after applying the first three recommended fixes to my GoG version, the game would crash when loading certain areas.

      I really wish i had known about these mods earlier, its such a shame they dont work with old savegames.

    2. Andrè says:

      I am the old fart retard type by now. When I read this I wonder WHY nobody did care to actually apply those patches and fixes to a playtested download version. Even GOG charging money for it is too lazy? Sorry that is not worth the pay in my opinion.

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